Wednesday, March 2, 2016

He Gives Us Exactly What we Need

Moving to Las Vegas, NV was exciting but it was hard to be away from family, especially where Ciara had lots of cousins her age. In just a short time we met lots of people we consider life long friends. After living there for just about 6 months, we started hearing lots of people were pregnant back in Idaho. Good friends, close cousins, even my sister and sister-in-law, all due the end of summer within a month of each other.

We were planning to put our adoption papers back in as soon as our 1 year mark hit because that's the required wait. I had always felt that our next one would be close in age to Ciara. Well, 1 year to the day we finalized Ciara's adoption was when our son's birthmother, Sara, first contacted us. We couldn't have been approved any sooner if we tried! We ended up meeting in person at her parents house for a BBQ on Memorial Day and found out she was due end of JULY! It was amazing. We met her and her family and we loved them, even if she wasn't planning to place with us. By the end of the evening she told us she did in fact want to place with us. It was kinda surreal. She had just graduated highschool. We prayed every day that she would continue to have this amazing strength at such a young age and that her decision would be best for her, the birthfather and her baby.

We got to know each other well over the next couple months. Sara invited me to be in the delivery room. I thought she was a little {crazy} at that point and was sure she would change her mind but she didn't;) It was an incredibly beautiful experience. Jared was born 2 weeks early in SLC, Utah before all the other babies that were due around the same time:) He was super colicky for the first 6 months of life. It was a challenge having a toddler and new baby - just 14 months apart! Once he grew out of the reflux and colic he became the sweetest, most gentle little man. He's now a mama's boy and I love that! It still amazes me that our loving Heavenly Fatther gives us exactly what we need when we need it. Our cup runneth over!

Cousins born within 5 weeks of each other :) Our Jared is on the left.

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