Monday, May 9, 2016

Home Sweet Home

We lived in Las Vegas for another year and then Josh took a job as a Field Service Technician, contracting for a global company. He currently travels all over the country installing and repairing transformers. Although he can be gone for extended periods of time, it also allows for him to be home for long stretches, being able to experience a lot of things other dads don't. He's incredible with the kids and we think we make a great team!

Because of his job we were able to move back to Pocatello, Idaho where most of our family is located. We love being close to family and great friends.

We bought a home last summer and are in the process of making it our own. The kids love having a nice yard to play in and we make sure to get outside every chance we get!

Recently, Terra opened up business for an at home based bakery called "Everything Swee.t" It's a fun way to create, make money and still be a stay at home mom - which is her favorite job!

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