Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"I didn't know my heart could love like this!"

May 2011 we got to meet and have our first family photo at the hospital with our little Ciara! We felt her spirit before we even knew she would be born. Such a special little girl. She had so much hair!! (I went to school and got licensed in cosmetology back in 2003, so I was super excited about that.) She was such a happy, beautiful baby! I remember thinking, "I didn't know my heart could love like this." I felt like my heart was now beating outside my body. 

She arrived two weeks early and fittingly it was the same week as Mother's Day... as well as our 5th Wedding Anniversary, a baby shower, a birthmother appreciation dinner (that I was making gifts for), Josh's college graduation where we had a BIG luau celebration planned! If that wasn't busy enough we got a call on the way to the hospital and Josh was offered a great job in Las Vegas, NV!!!

What a whirlwind of excitement that was, Ciara just didn't want to miss all the fun!! ;) 

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